Julia and Maria desire to empower students and teachers of yoga to dig deep, to study hard, and enter into the powerful currents of awareness that can pull us towards greater vitality and richer life experiences.

there is peaceful.

there is wild.

i am both at the same time.


by Nayyirah Waheed


Who We Are

Together we honor the past and ignite the present in order to create a more peaceful future. We strive to rediscover the original sweetness that yoga has to offer through the lens of our intersectionality informed practice.

Julia and Maria have personally experienced the powerful benefits that this practice has to offer and are eager to share their knowledge in service of the greater healing. They acknowledge that every person brings their own gifts to the table and they do their best to make sure everyone is provided a seat.

Every retreat and training they provide is carefully crafted so that each student can have the most transformative experience possible. They have an unwavering commitment to share the wisdom of yoga in its many iterations and branches, including asana, philosophy, spirituality, and energetics. They bring a deep knowledge of the mind body connection and the neuroscience behind the benefits of yoga.

Maria and Julia offer yoga retreats internationally and within the US, a 200 hour yoga teacher training program, workshops, and mentorship.