February - June 2020

Mexico | Seattle | Portland

This training is heavily geared towards yogic philosophy, the therapeutic applications of yoga, and the modern psychology of yoga. Included is a 10 day all inclusive immersion in Troncones, Mexico where we will eat luscious food, walk on the beach, and discuss the core principles of yoga. It will be an incredibly powerful and rich time to accelerate your personal yoga practice as well as learn the tools to offer safe, sacred, and energetically intelligent classes.

Maria and Julia have over 25 years of combined teaching experience and feel honored to share their knowledge with you. Accompanying them will be Chiara Guerrieri, a pillar of the yoga community and anatomy and physiology extraordinaire.

Majahua Palms

Troncones, Mexico

10 Day Immersion in Mexico

February 20 - March 1, 2020

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Seattle, WA

Long Weekends in Seattle

March 27-29 & May 22-24

Portland, OR

Long Weekends in Portland

April 24-26 & June 12-14